Cutaway View of 12" wide channel drain

12" Wide Pro-Plus 300
Quality Trench Drain System

Complete kits from 10 to 99 feet

Innovative Material SMC/GRP
Strong / Lightweight / Stable

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CPS300 Series - 12" Wide SMC - GRP Channel - Ductile Iron C Class Grates - Endcaps - Outlet
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Pro-Plus System Features
Climate change and exceptional rainfall events mean that collecting
and draining water from surfaces becomes an absolute necessity.

This 12" wide trench drain provides maximum drainage capability,
offering durable strength for major hydraulic works and environmental protection.

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Cutaway View of 12" wide channel drain

Complete system - Each 12" wide
Trench Drain Kit

  • Specified number of 1 meter sections of 12" trench drain
  • Specified number of 25 Ton Ductile Iron Wave grates with "Pro-Snap" Locks
  • 1 - Bottom outlet connector
  • 2 - Solid End Caps
  • 1 - 8" End outlet.

Key advantages of the innovative material SMC/GRP:

  • Shatterproof and extremely resistant to abrasion
  • Frost, heat and rust-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Non-porous structure with a smooth surface
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to oil, gasoline, hot asphalt and tartaric acid
  • Non-flammable
  • Free of halogens, asbestos and toxic heavy metals
  • An excellent cost / performance material
  • Recyclable

An innovative Material - SMC -  
These quality trench drain channels are manufactured using Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC),
a resin-glass fiber composite. The principal qualities of this material are:

  • High Mechanical and impact strength.
  • Outstanding Chemical Resistance
  • Toleration of temperature variations. (Stable in frost and and at more than 100 degrees C)
  • Light weight provides optimum conditions for site installation.

Pro-Snap Grate Features

  • Innovative 4-point locking inside the channel body for a solid and secure fit, without any loose or rattling parts.
  • Protection against longitudinal displacement of grate covers
  • Long service life--has no moving parts or parts subject to wear.
  • No reduction of the discharge cross section, as the complete channel cross section remains unobstructed.
  • Simple and fast insertion and removal of grates with a single hand movement without the need for special tools.
  • Particularly smooth and quiet, thanks to the sound-absorbing securing system
Josam Pro-Plus Installation Video

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Pro Plus 300 Trench Drain
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Strong, shock and impact resistant, dimensionally stable

Josam's Pro-Plus range of new generation trench drains utilizes the benefits of space-age material. Pro-Plus is manufactured using glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) pressed from sheet molding compound (SMC), which is a composite of polyester resin, mineral fillers and glass-fiber mats.

Extraordinarily robust and yet surprisingly light these diverse properties highlight the advantages of SMC/GRP over other trench drain materials. The material has revolutionized many industrial products and has become indispensable in today's world. Its applications are wide and varied: rotor blades for helicopters, bodywork for automobiles, yachts and aircraft. In fact, glass-fiber reinforced polyester made from SMC is used wherever extreme conditions prevail and special degrees of durability and rigidity are called for, precisely as in Josam's Pro-Plus drainage solutions.

SMC is a tried and tested GRP material and is a compelling choice because of its extremely high strength and dimensional stability. For example, SMC/GRP is more than 1.5 times stronger than polymer concrete. In addition, SMC/GRP?s thermal expansion on average is 40% less than that of polymer concrete. These SMC/GRP material characteristics result in extreme rigidity and only minimal longitudinal expansion, even for wide temperature fluctuations. In contrast to thermoplastic polymers, SMC/GRP cannot be reshaped and remains dimensionally stable once heated compression hardens the material into the final product.

This product is lighter, stronger and expands and contracts in extreme temperature ranges less than polymer concrete. In addition, SMC/GRP has greater compressive, flexural and tensile strength and less thermal expansion properties than either polypropylene or high density poly- ethylene. SMC/GRP is an innovative material and is clearly superior to all other trench channel materials.


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