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Contractor Program General Info

  • We believe our support service is so good you'll think that we are next door.
     We know that as an internet based company we have a little disadvantage compared to your local supplier. However, we offer service and trench drain product knowledge that more than makes up for the distance.

  • Dedicated contractor sales team with an experienced trench drain supply background.
    We can help you decided the proper trench drain for your customers application. We know the products from your prospective.

  • Complete specifications and submittals for all our products.
    We can supply all the submittals and information needed to get the job approved. On larger jobs, we can provide a trench drain layout if needed.

Newmark PRO Credit Lines

Contractor Credit Lines available.

Newmark Corporation T/A Trench Drain Supply is proud to bring qualifying contractors and businesses our
NewmarkPRO Business Account. This industry leading Business Account is designed to provide a vital value-add for our customers
 – satisfaction of ongoing purchasing needs within an established credit limit.

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Contractor Discounts

We offer Contractor Discounts that help our contractors close the sale.
Discounts vary depending on the type of product and the size of the job

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Contractor Signup Form

Please fill our contractor signup form.
We will input your login information and send an email within 24 hours that entitles qualified contractors to a contractor discount throughout

A separate credit application must be filled out and faxed if credit is desired.

Please call us with any questions.

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Trench Drain Supply Credit Application

Please Download and Complete Credit application

Trench Drain Supply Credit Application

Credit Application

Please Fax back to 1-757-299-8059

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