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Direct Payment FAQ

Q: What is Direct Payment?
A: Direct payment enables a payment to be made using our standard cart system. Once Submit is pressed you will be taken to our cart where payment details will be taken. Once there, you can decide on Paypal or Credit Card and taken to the SECURE or Paypal payment processing sites as we do for a standard checkout. We do not store or have access to your credit card details.

Q: How do I pay for my "Email a Quote?"
A: All that is needed is the total from the quote. This is the bottom line total that includes all applicable discounts, shipping, and taxes. Enter that in the "Amount" field above. All our quotes have an Order ID number. This number is formatted 25xxxxx (ie 2516789). Enter this number in the "OrderID and/or Name field". If the Order ID is not available or this is another type of payment just enter your name. Finally, in the message field, enter any further information or special instructions needed to process your order. Press Submit and then checkout normally. We will then process and ship your order ASAP! It's that easy!

Q: What are other uses for Direct Payment?
A: There are many other uses for direct payment. Examples are extra payment for specialized shipping requirements after the sale, an order change or correction that requires an additional payment, payment for a special order, or payment for an in house quote. In these situations the amount of payment is calculated by our sales and support personnel before payment is made. If you have an order change please contact us first for the correct amount.

Q: Can I do a new order with Direct Payment?
A: NO. Direct Payment cannot be used for a new order. Direct payment does not calculate discounts, shipping, or taxes. It only completes the amount entered. Please place new order items in cart and process as a standard order.

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