Hydrotec Maxi 300 By Item
Hydrotec Maxi 300 Trench Drain by Item
12" Wide with Ductile Iron Edge
Fiber Reinforced Concrete
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Product ID CHG70099-00
Manufacturer Hydrotec
Grate Locking Tool for Top and Maxi Systems

Grate Locking Tool Top/Maxi Systems

Price: $28.00
Product ID CHG66350-0501
Manufacturer Hydrotec
MAXI 300 12" Channel and E Class DI Grate 1M

12" Interior 14" Total X 1 Meter (39.4") Long

Price: $880.00
Product ID CHG66350-0081
Manufacturer Hydrotec
MAXI 300 12" Catch Basin with E Class DI Grates

12" Wide X 1/2M (19.7") Long

Price: $1,133.00
Product ID CHG66350-0551
Manufacturer Hydrotec
MAXI 300 12" Channel and F Class DI Grate 1/2M

12" Interior 14" Total X 1/2 Meter (19.7") Long

Price: $506.00
Product ID CHG70031-11
Manufacturer Hydrotec
Maxi 300 End Cap (open and closed)

Maxi 300 End Cap (Open and Closed)

Price: $104.00
Product ID CHG70031
Manufacturer Hydrotec
4" Foul Air Stop

4" Foul Air Stop

Price: $35.00
Product ID CHG70031-50
Manufacturer Hydrotec
6" Foul Air Stop

6" Foul Air Stop

Price: $59.00
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