EN2000 Trench Drain By Item
Mea EN2000 Series
8" Wide Polymer Concrete Trench Drain with Integrated Ductile Iron Edge By Item
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Product ID 910102
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
Price: $25.00
Product ID 157531
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
EN2000 8" Wide 1 Meter Channel

1 Meter Channel
Ductile Iron Edge

Price: $275.00
Product ID 157533
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
EN2000 8" Wide 1/2 Meter Channel

1/2 Meter Channel
Ductile Iron Edge

Price: $202.00
Product ID 153551
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
EN2000 Solid End Cap

Solid End Cap
Ductile Iron Edge

Price: $138.00
Product ID 153557
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
EN2000 Outlet End Cap 6"

6" Outlet End Cap
Ductile Iron Edge

Price: $196.00
Product ID 154503
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
6'' Bottom Outlet Connector

Bottom Outlet Connector
PVC Connector Only

Price: $21.00
Product ID 154707
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
Gully  Top Section - C Class

Polymer concrete gully drain top section. Can be used with middle and lower gully sections or with lower section only.

Price: $336.00
Product ID 154709
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
Gully Middle Secton

Middle Gully Section to increase total height

Price: $185.00
Product ID 157549XX
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
EN2000 Gully Assembly

2 Section Gully Assembly
Ductile Iron Edge

Configure to add Grate,
Middle Section and/or
Sediment Bucket


Price: $540.00
Product ID 152549
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
E Class 1/2 Meter Ductile Iron Slotted Grate

8.7" W x 19.6" L x 0.8" D

Price: $216.00
Product ID 153561
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
EN2000 C Class Ductile Iron Slotted, Profix Lock

8.8" W X 19.7"L
C Class Slotted

Price: $129.00
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