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2 - 3 Wide Iron Age Grates

Trench Drain Grates for Mainly
NDS Mini Channels and Zurn Z880 Channels

4 - 5 Wide Iron Age Grates

Trench Drain Grates for Mainly
ACO 100, Mea 100, and ABT Polydrain Channels

6 Wide and Larger Iron Age Grates

Trench Drain Grates for Mainly
NDS Duraslope, ACO 200, MEA 200 Channels

Catch Basin Grates

Catch Basin Grates for Mainly
NDS 900, 1200, 2400, and Others

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Iron Age Designs provides decorative drain grates, tree grates, and other architectural castings, both standard and custom, for public and residential use. Our standard decorative trench grates fit the most widely used drain bodies and trench drain channels made by major manufacturers such as ABT™, ACO™, MEA™ and NDS™. Iron Age trench grates can be retro fitted into existing installations or be purchased at the time of the original installation. We also offer custom architectural castings in cast iron, aluminum, ductile iron and silicone bronze. All of our castings are made from recycled product and are ADA compliant.

Iron Age Designs

Series Grate Width Grate Lengths   Material

Argo 19.7"   Cast Iron 

Carbochon 19.7"   Cast Iron 

Explora 19.7" Cast Iron

Greek Key 19.7"   Cast Iron

Interlaken 19.7" Cast Iron

Janis 19.7" Cast Iron

Locust 19.7"   Cast Iron

Minnione 19.7"   Cast Iron

Mission Bay 19.7"   Cast Iron

Oblio 19.7"   Cast Iron

Paradise 19.7"   Cast Iron

Que Trench 19.7"   Cast Iron

Regular Joe 19.7"   Cast Iron

River Rock 19.7"   Cast Iron

Sunset 19.7"   Cast Iron

Tulie 19.7"   Cast Iron

Urban Rhythms 19.7"   Cast Iron

Featured Product -  600 Series Complete Kit 8 Foot Complete

4.8 " Wide Regular Joe Trench Grate
  •   4.8" Wide.
  •   3/4" Deep
  •      Unfinished Cast Iron

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