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ABT Polydrain Channels

Width:  4" Interior - 6.25 Exterior

Material: Polyester  
Edge Protection: None
Depths: Various

Polydrain 400 Series Galvanized & Plastic Grates

Width:  4.8"  Wide

Material: Galvanized Steel  
Finish: Galvanized
Depths: .78" (3/4") Deep

Polydrain 400/450  Series Stainless, Brass & Vinylester Grates

Width:  4.8"  Wide

Material: Stainless / Brass / Vinylester  
Finish: Various
Depths: .78" (3/4") Deep

Polydrain 500 Series Ductile Iron Grates & Frame/Grate Combos

Width:  4.8"  Wide

Material: Ductile Iron  
Finish: Epoxy Coated Black
Depths: .78" (3/4") Deep

Polydrain 400 Series Locking Devices for Grates

Width:  4.8"  Wide

Material: Galvanized and Stainless Steel  
Finish: Galvanized
Depths: Various

ABT Polydrain 600/900 Series Catch Basins

Type: Catch Basins

Material: Polyester  
Edge: Ductile Iron Frame
Depths: Various

ABT Polyself

Type: Residential Polyester Concrete

Material: Polyester  
Edge: Polyester
Depths: No Slope

ABT Misc Accessories

Type: Sealants - Shovel Heads
          Strainers - Tape

Other: Custom Fabrications

ABT is a registerd trademark
ABT offers two compositional formulations for PolyDrain channels, depending on the effluent and chemical environment. Both offer superior strength and durability as well as marked cost advantages over alternative materials.

Standard PolyDrain channels are manufactured from PolyDyn®, an advanced formulation of selected quartz aggregates and inert mineral fillers bonded together in a high-grade polyester resin. This formulation is suitable for use in both exterior and interior applications.

When a higher level of chemical resistance is required, ABT offers PolyDrain in a special formulation called PolyChampion®, which has the same quartz and mineral fillers as the PolyDyn formulation, but with a premium grade vinylester resin binder. This formulation will withstand a broader range of corrosive salts, fuels, acids and alkalis.

More about ABT Trench Drain Series

ABT Polydrain Exploded View

The PolyDrain polymer concrete trench drain system is well suited to a wide variety of surface drainage applications. The ABT PolyDrain precast trench drain system provides modular design flexibility, facilitates construction accuracy, requires less installation labor and skill, and has lower installed cost when compared to conventional hand-formed cast-in-place methods of creating trench drains.

PolyDrain polymer concrete trench drain components have superior chemical resistance, greater strength, lower water absorption, and better freeze/thaw resistance than does Portland cement concrete. Polymer concrete is not degraded by salt, oil, most acids and alkalis, and offers UV resistance. These polymer concrete properties make ABT PolyDrain trench drains excellent for capturing, containing, and transporting surface runoff in any drainage application.

The standard 4 Inch (100mm) PolyDrain trench drain system contains both pre-sloped and non-sloped drain channels, grates, frames, catch basins, channel end plates, installation aids, and all other trench drain components to provide a complete precast channel drain solution.

By virtue of a smooth interior finish, radius bottom, and built-in 0.6% slope, flow velocities of 1 meter/second (3.5 feet/second) are attained inside ABT PolyDrain trench drain channels even in flat grade conditions. The higher hydraulic flow velocity and smooth surface reduces debris build-up in the precast polymer concrete drain channels in comparison to cast-in-place trench drain construction.

Also included in the PolyDrain precast trench drain system are Special Products for liquid containment applications, utility trenches, and limited-space installations. The PolyDrain system provides an optimized solution for any application.

The PolyDrain precast trench drain system is manufactured by ABT Inc., the industry leader in modular drainage systems for commercial and industrial use.


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ABT is a registered trademark

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