Specialty Lock
Trench Drain Grates
  • Trench Drain Grates
  • Overview
  • Various Locking Systems Available

  • Available in 1 Meter and Half Meter Sections.

  • Materials include Galvanized, Stainless, Iron and PVC.

  • Trench Grate widths from 4" to 12''

  • Channel Locks Available.


For use with MEADRAIN Trench Drain Only 

This Rapidly fitted, Bolt Free protective grating comes complete and is easy to install simply by snapping into the special CLIPFIX recesses in the galvanized frame.

The grating is removable to give completely unobstructed access to the trench drain channel profile, making for east cleaning of the drainage channel.

MEADRAIN CLIPFIX gratings are available in classes A-E
Clipfix Trench Drain Grate Cross Section Clipfix Trench Drain Grate Installation Demo

Profix Lock System

For use with MEADRAIN Trench Drain Only

Non bolted grating securement for heavy-load zones.

The MEADRAIN PROFIX grating securement system offers many advantages for specifiers, 
planners and civil engineering professionals

  • Quick, cost effective installation and removal of grating.
  • Bidirectional installation of grating.
  • Inserted trench drain grating, once pressed into position, remains firmly locked in place.
  • Able to be opened using conventional tools.
  • Long service life as the locking mechanism lies below the load and soiling level.
  • Vandal resistant as the securing mechanism is concealed on the underside of the grating.
  • Optimized grate free area
  • Special anti-overshoot feature for water.

Profix Trench Drain Grate Installation Example

Simple installation of gratings into the MEADRAIN Heavy Load Channel

  • Insert Grating into channel body
  • Step on grating to snap in the PROFIX
  • Two fold stainless spring steel bars per grating provide secure locking

Profix Trench Grate Removal Demo

Rapid Removal of cast iron gratings

  • Using conventional tools, simply apply at joint between gratings and lift up
  • Remove Grating


"Simple functionality - extremely safe"


4" Wide Starfix Grate Securing System

For use Exclusively With SMC/GRB Pro Plus Trench

STARFIX The innovative grate securing system without bolts
  • Innovative 4-point locking inside the channel body for a solid and secure fit, without any loose or rattling parts.
  • Protection against longitudinal displacement of grate covers
  • Long service life--has no moving parts or parts subject to wear.
  • No reduction of the discharge cross section, as the complete channel cross section remains unobstructed.
  • Simple and fast insertion and removal of grates with a single hand movement?without the need for special tools.
  • Particularly smooth and quiet, thanks to the sound-absorbing securing system

Grate Options
  • 1. Mesh Grates: The traditional channel grate comprising a hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel pressed grate. (ADA Compliant) For Load Classes A-D.

  • 2. Ductile Iron Slotted Grates: Especially suitable for extremely high loads and high traffic surfaces. For Load Classes A-D.

  • 3. Slotted Grates in Galvanized Steel: The traditional bar and slot design is a visual alternative to mesh grates.
    It is particularly strong and durable.For Load Classes A-C.

  • 4. Perforated Grates in HDPE: Non-metallic for light-duty applications such as swimming pools and pedestrian areas. Available in beige and gray. For Load Class A.

More Information

The patent-pending STARFIX system constitutes another innovation for securing grates. The whole process has never been as fast or as simple. All of the different grate types can be secured andremoved quickly and easily with a single hand movement, without the use of bolts or special tools. Press-in! Click! Complete!

The sturdy 4-point locking system prevents loose or rattling grates and offers rugged protection againstlongitudinal displacement. What's more, the channel cross-section remains completely unobstructed so that discharge rates remain unaffected.

STARFIX is also aesthetically pleasing to satisfy architectural designs. The STARFIX closure device fitting flush with the channel upper surface results in an attractive drainage solution.

Starfix Grate Demo

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