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100C-DI - 100C-DI Rail for Channels...
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Manufacturer Mea-Josam
Product ID 100C-DI
100C-DI Rail for Channels
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Ductile Overlay Rails

Overlay rails are made of cast ductile iron. They are supplied in Half Meter (19.7 in) sections and are applied to the standard 100C SMC-GRP Channels 

They cover and protect the channel edge in heavy duty traffic applications.

The 100C-DI Overlay rails are recommended for applications utilizing hard wheeled traffic (forklift) and heavy industrial and military vehicles.
When the ductile iron overlay rails are installed and the appropriate load class grates are selected,
the system can accomodate a class E load rating up to 60 tons.

For use with 100C Channels and CPS100HD Trench Drain Kits

Spec For DI Rail and channel

Use 152411  "C" Class grates with this DI Rail


Use 152611 "E" Class Grates with this DI Rail 




1 DI Rail Only

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