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Mea-Josam Quality Engineered Trench Drain System
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Mearin 100 - Fiberglass Reinforced - By Item
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Product ID 141105
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
Mearin 100 Fiberglass Trench Drain Channel Only

1 Meter Channel Only

Price: $69.00
Product ID 141350
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
Mearin 100 End Cap for 4" Fiberglass Trench Drain

Solid End Cap

Price: $9.00
Product ID 143050
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
Mearin 100 Fiberglass Trench Drain Corner Channel

Corner Channel With Slotted Grates

Price: $256.00
Product ID 142000
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
Mearin 100 Fiberglass Catch Basin

Catch Basin with 152106 Slotted Grate Included

Price: $382.00
Product ID 152431P
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
C Class DI-1000 Ductile Iron Overlay Rail Pro-Fix

Half Meter
Up to Load Class E

Price: $45.00
Product ID 141465
Manufacturer Mea-Josam

Locking Mechanism for MEARIN 100

with Stainless Steel Bolts

Price: $6.00
Product ID 141460
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
Mearin 100 Lock for Slotted and DI Grates

Standard Lock
with Stainless Steel Bolts

Price: $6.00
Product ID 152811
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
152811 Top Slot Galvanized 2 meter

MEADRAIN Solution TS1000 Top Slot Riser Frame. Galvanized top frame for use with U1000 or Mearin 100 channels. Available with centered or off-set (asymmetrical) 0.6" wide slot.

Price: $523.00
Product ID 152827
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
152827 Top Slot Galvanized 1/2 meter

Price: $150.00
Product ID 350008
Manufacturer Mea-Josam

MEA1000 Dome Strainer

Stainless Steel

Price: $17.00
Product ID 152116
Manufacturer Mea-Josam
Lock Galvanized for DI Slotted Trench Drain Grates

Use with Standard Lock Grates

Price: $7.00

Drainage at its best!

  • Available by the section - with or without grate.
  • Drain using inline trap set or endcaps.
  • Corner Units and Catch Basin available.
  • Installation Brackets available.
  • Galvanized Steel Slotted Grates


Channel Features
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyester, extensively proven over many years.
  • Lightweight, Stable, able to withstand extreme loads.
  • Frost proof, Rustproof, Abrasion and Heat Resistant.
  • Extremely resistant against salts, acids, oil, gasoline, hot asphalt and liquid manures.
  • Special ridges provide optimal anchorage and bracing during concrete pour.
  • Self-cleaning due to its very smooth base and favorable cross section.
  • Easy to install
Grate Features
  • Galvanized steel slotted grating.
  • Wheel load for passenger vehicle traffic
  • Standard locking bar which fits in preformed recess in channel wall and bolt draws the grate to the bar.

More Info

Fiberglass trench drain is resistant to abrasive and corrosive liquids and is unaffected by freeze thaw cycles experienced in exterior installations. The smooth internal surface promotes efficient water flow and creates a self-cleaning action to reduce maintenance expenses. The lighter material allows prefabrication of multichannel trench rain runs that can be handled easily.

This is commercial grade trench drain. It has no slope. This keeps the sediment in the trench so it will not clog the lines.

This trench drain is ideal for Garages and Driveways, Parking Garages, Pedestrian walkways, Gasoline Stations, Car Washes, Underground Garages and much more.

Material: Fiberglass
Grating:  Galvanized Slotted Grates
Locks:     Standard Locks Included
Width:     4" Interior - 5.3"Exterior


Mea-Josam Quality Engineered Trench Drain System


CPS1000 Series Specification Sheets  -  Mea 1000 4.8" Wide Grate Selection

Class A Grate Specs:
CPS1000 152005 Vinylester Bar A.pdf
CPS1000 152007 Vinylester Bar A Half.pdf
CPS1000 152101 Galv Steel A.pdf
CPS1000 152105 Galv Steel Perforated A.pdf
CPS1000 152106 Galv Steel A Half.pdf
CPS1000 152107 Galv Steel Perforated A Half.pdf
CPS1000 152201 Stainless Steel Slotted A.pdf
CPS1000 152205 Stainless Steel Perforated A.pdf
CPS1000 152206 Stainless Steel Slotted A Half.pdf
CPS1000 152207 Stainless Steel Perforated A Half.pdf
CPS1000 152801 Galvanized Mesh A.pdf
CPS1000 152806 Galvanized Mesh A Half.pdf
CPS1000 152901 Stainless Steel Mesh A.pdf
CPS1000 152906 Stainless Steel Mesh A Half.pdf

Class B Grate Specs:
CPS1000 152312 Galv Steel Mesh B.pdf
CPS1000 152314 Galv Steel Mesh B Half.pdf

Class C Grate Specs:
CPS1000 152775 Galvanized Perforated C Half.pdf
CPS1000 152003 CI Solid Cover C.pdf
CPS1000 152403 DI Slotted Clipfix C.pdf
CPS1000 152408 DI Longitudinal Slotted C.pdf
CPS1000 152411 DI Slotted C.pdf
CPS1000 152504 Galv Steel Mesh C.pdf
CPS1000 152509 Galv Steel Mesh C Half.pdf
CPS1000 152513 Stainless Mesh C.pdf
CPS1000 152518 Stainless Mesh C Half.pdf
CPS1000 152541 DI Heel Guard C.pdf
CPS1000 152711 Galv Steel Slotted C.pdf
CPS1000 152725 Nylon Heel Proof Slotted C.pdf
CPS1000 152731 Galv Steel Slotted C Half.pdf
CPS1000 152755 Stainless Steel Slotted C Half.pdf
CPS1000 152757 Stainless Steel Slotted C Half.pdf
CPS1000 152771 Galvanized Perforated C.pdf
CPS1000 152781 Stainless Steel Perforated C.pdf
CPS1000 152785 Stainless Steel Perforated C Half.pdf

Class E Grate Specs:
CPS1000 152611 DI Slotted 12-80 E.pdf
CPS1000 152761 DI Slotted E.pdf

Locks for Grates Specs
CPS1000 152116 Galv Lock Hex Head.pdf
CPS1000 152211 Stainless Lock Hex Head.pdf
CPS1000 152311 Galv Lock Slot Head.pdf
CPS1000 152531 Stainless Lock Slot Head.pdf
CPS1000 152726 Galv Lock for 152725 Nylon.pdf

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